New York Jets sputter in 28-7 loss to the Seahawks

On Sunday the New York Jets lost to the Seattle Seahawks 28-7.  The loss is the Jets third in a row and all but eliminates any chance Gang Green has at making a playoff run.  Here are some of my notes from the game.


Sanchez struggles once again- Once again quarterback Mark Sanchez was dreadful as he threw a terrible interception in the redzone and fumbled while being sacked.  Sanchez continues to make poor decisions with the football which at this point is inexcusable.  You can make a legitimate argument that Mark has lost confidence in both himself and the Jets offense.

Sparano clueless- New York Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano is absolutely clueless when it comes to putting together an offensive game plan.  Sparano has no feel for the game and makes mind boggling decisions, especially with the use of Tim Tebow.  The Jets offense is predictable, inept, and absolutely putrid at this point.  Why not go to a hurry up offense with Sanchez ? Why not put running backs in the backfield when Tebow is in the game? Why not more quick slants to Kerley to utilize his speed? How about some play action pass on first down? The questions are endless and the answers are always the same: maybe next week.  Absolutely pathetic.

Keller struggles- Heading into the game tight end Dustin Keller had to make some big plays in order for the Jets to have a chance to score some points.  Well Keller struggled as he seemed out of it for the majority of the game.  Costly penalties and dropped passes summarized Dustin’s day.


For the most part the New York Jets defense held their own creating turnovers and keeping the team in the game.  The Jets defense contained Marshawn Lynch and was generating a legitimate pass rush that was rattling Russell Wilson.  As the game went on and the Jets offense struggled the defense began to wear down and the Seahawks took advantage of it.


This was a game that the Jets could have won but once again Sanchez and the offense failed miserably.  If you get to a point when you are scared to call a play or run the two minute offense due to your quarterback, then he should not be in the game.  It is as simple as that.

I give Rex Ryan credit for having the defense ready to play, but other than that this was an embarrassing performance.  This has quickly become a lost season and the finger pointing will soon begin.  Let the Tebow mania begin, but at this point it will not matter who the Jets quarterback is.


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