Rex Ryan taking a new approach with his team

It is Patriots week for the New York Jets which usually means that Rex Ryan and his team will be capturing headlines with their predictions and comments.  But something happened to Rex Ryan on the way to the podium as he embraced a completely different approach.  A more humble, professional approach.  Check out some of Rex’s comments from Monday’s press conference.

When asked if he has a message for the Patriots Ryan offered: “Right now, we’re just swinging. We’re going to focus on our opponents specifically, but anything we do, we’re behind where we have to be. We can only focus on ourselves and just find a way to punch it. We earned where we are, and we just have to find a way to punch our way out. That’s it. I’m not even worried about tweaking New England or anybody else. It’s to the point where we have to focus on us.

On if he feels good that the current Wild Card leaders lost:

“No. Right now, we have so much work to do. All we can do is focus on ourselves. We’re not getting into that now. We know we have to get better. We know the challenge that’s in front of us, but we’re just trying to punch our way out. That’s where our focus is.”

What in the Rex Ryan is going on here? In all seriousness I love the approach that Rex is taking with his team.  The Jets have put themselves in a serious hole and the focus has to be placed primarily on improving in every facet of the game.  Now is not the time to talk trash, especially when you have not been able to back it up for the majority of the season.  Shut your mouths and get back to playing Jets football.

I think the new approach Rex is taking will be appreciated by the players and could take some pressure off of them as well.  The focus in the locker room will be on the New England Patriots and nothing else.  Maybe the head coach has finally learned that the circus like atmosphere is not always beneficial to his team.  Only time will tell.

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