The NY Jets show their true colors in 49-19 debacle

Initially I was going to break down where it all went wrong for the New York Jets following their 49-19 drubbing from the New England Patriots.  The offensive blunders, the defensive miscues, and the questionable coaching.  But none of that truly matters because once it again it is obvious that this is very flawed New York Jets team that is not a championship contender.

This Jets team lacks talent on both sides of the football.  This football team lacks leadership in the locker room.  This team lacks the direction and guidance needed to be an elite organization.  Rex Ryan is writing checks his team cannot cash.  Woody Johnson is dying to cash his next PSL check.  It is truly a recipe for failure.

As a long time fan of the New York Jets I truly do not even have the words to express my disgust regarding last night’s performance.  And to make matters worse I could not have been more embarrassed by the way some of the fans acted in the stands. It is one thing to be rowdy.  It is another thing to be a drunken jerk causing fights and making the game miserable for everyone.  Last night was truly a disaster on and off the field for Gang Green.



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