Mark Sanchez is running out of options

On Wednesday New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan announced that Mark Sanchez will be his starting quarterback on Sunday versus the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The announcement, which was met by anger in some parts of Jets nation, was the right move to make by Ryan as Sanchez is the best quarterback on the team. With all of the fuss made about Tim Tebow I think it has become painfully obvious that he was not brought in to be a starting signal caller for the Jets.  As for Greg McElroy, while he did provide a spark last week against the Cardinals, at this point he is a backup quarterback at best in the NFL.

So where does Mark Sanchez go from here?  Well it is beyond evident that Sanchez is running out of excuses, options, and supporters.  Teammates that were once vocal supporters of Mark have now quieted with rumblings of dissension starting to leak out.  Coaches that were once adamant that Sanchez was a franchise quarterback are now starting to backtrack and distance themselves from the player. The fan base that once labeled the Jets quarterback “The Sanchise” has started blowing up social media with talk about draft picks and free agent moves.

The bottom line is that this is truly put up or shut up time for Mark Sanchez.  The writing is on the wall for Sanchez and it is written in big, bold, black letters.  The young gunslinger better raise his game and lead his team to some wins or he will endure a very ugly ending to his career as a New York Jet.  Mark can no longer get away with a wink, a smile, and a politically correct press conference.  Sanchez no longer has the privilege of blaming inexperience. The signal caller can no longer hide behind a stout defense and a smash mouth running game as they no longer exist.  At this point it all comes down to the performance on the field.  If Mark Sanchez continues to be a human turnover machine, he is going to get run out of town Brian Schottenheimer style.  If the quarterback embraces the “me against the world” mentality and starts playing football at a high level there is a good chance that he can salvage his Jets career.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this plays out over the next couple of weeks.  There is one thing that is for certain:  Mark Sanchez is running out of options.




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