Bringing back Braylon the right move for the NY Jets

On Tuesday the New York Jets claimed wide receiver Braylon Edwards off of waivers from the Seattle Seahawks.  Edwards, who had two productive years with the Jets in 2009 and 2010, has since struggled and battled injuries racking up only 23 catches with one touchdown.   This move has been met with some criticism especially after Edwards called the Jets “idiots” last week for the way the organization was handling quarterback Mark Sanchez.   Here are some of my thoughts on the move:

1) Who hasn’t called the Jets idiots lately?  So Braylon called the Jets idiots for the way they handle Mark Sanchez.  While it may not have been the most politically correct thing to say in many aspects the Jets have acted like idiots this year.  From the Tebow signing, to the poor personnel decisions, to the circus that is the quarterback situation, this season has been far from perfect for Gang Green.  There have been so many questionable moves even the most optimistic of Jets fans are cursing out the front office.  I think what is bothering some of the fans the most is that Braylon came out and supported Mark Sanchez, public enemy #1 in Jets nation.

2) Addresses a glaring need- At this point the Jets have only two proven, healthy receivers on the team (Jeremy Kerley and Chaz Schilens).  If Edwards is indeed healthy he is an upgrade over the likes of a Mardy Gilyard, Jason Hill, Patrick Turner, or Clyde Gates.  Braylon brings much needed size for the red zone and is a solid run blocker which is essential for the Jets ground and pound philosophy.

3) Chemistry with Sanchez- There has been a lot made about the Jets catering to Mark Sanchez by bringing back one of his favorite targets in Edwards.  Like it or not Sanchez is the starting quarterback for the New York Jets.  Why not bring in a player that Mark is familiar and comfortable with?  The Jets are in the hunt for a playoff berth and the quicker the player can adapt, the better off the team will be.

4) Worth a shot-  At the end of the day the Jets are in desperate need of wide receiver help and are taking a shot with Edwards.  At this point can he really make the offense any worse?  It is not like the Jets have a ton of young talent on the team that Braylon will be replacing.  The price tag is cheap and the timing is right.  If Edwards struggles there is no long term commitment.  If Braylon makes some plays, maybe he can help the team make the playoffs.  That should be the goal for the team, right?



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