Let the blame game begin: NY Jets eliminated from playoff contention

It is times like these when it is truly tough to be a fan of the New York Jets. Gang Green received several breaks over the weekend (Steelers, Colts losing) to increase their chances of making the playoffs.  All the Jets had to do was beat a 4-9 Tennessee Titan team on Monday night football to stay in the hunt.  Well you can kiss your postseason dreams good bye as New York lost to the Tennessee Titans 14-10.  To make matters worse the Jets lost in embarrassing fashion as Mark Sanchez and the offense played like a bunch of high school kids that were never coached before.

So where do the Jets go from here? Well in my eyes there are several contributors to the Jets failed season.

See ya Sanchez- Quarterback Mark Sanchez is beyond the battered and beaten stage.  At this point Sanchez is just an awful quarterback that needs a change of scenery.  Mark is playing with zero confidence and continues to make terrible decisions with the football.  Monday night’s 5 turnover performance should make Sanchez inactive this Sunday versus the Chargers.  Financially the Jets are stuck with Mark Sanchez next year but at some point the organization may truly have to consider some kind of buyout deal or eating cap space in order to get rid of the quarterback.

Take care Tony- Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano was brought in to make the offense more physical and to hold the players accountable.  The idea was that Sparano would bring the Jets back to their ground and pound ways which included some new wildcat wrinkles.  Well after 15 weeks the only thing that we have learned is that Sparano has absolute no clue how to put together a game plan.  Tony has no feel for the game, and puts together mind boggling play calls that all but eliminates any type of rhythm on offense.  Some great examples last night:  1st down and 5 the play calls: 3 pass plays.  Sanchez completes two passes in a row,the next play call:  a Tebow wildcat play. The list can go on and on including why the Jets failed to throw a fade pass to Braylon while in the red zone.  The NFL has become a dynamic passing league and this inept Tony Sparano offense is just not cutting it.

Ready to go Rex? Rex Ryan is a self proclaimed defensive genius.  Unfortunately for Rex as a head coach you are also responsible for offense, special teams, and player management.  The Jets offense is a joke and it is obvious that Ryan has absolutely no idea how to handle a quarterback, a struggling one at that.  Rex’s game day decisions, like having McElroy inactive and going with 6 receivers, is inexcusable.  Ryan’s handling of Tebow has been laughable.  And lets be honest if it were not for the Jets playing some terrible teams like the Jaguars and Cardinals Rex’s defense has not been all that great either.  It has been a fun ride Rex but your magic carpet ride is over.

Move on Mike- At the end of the day talent wins in the NFL.  The New York Jets are lacking talent and depth at crucial positions.  Yes the team lost Holmes and Revis early on in the season but the team is lacking explosive playmakers on both sides of the ball.  General manager Mike Tannenbaum has done a terrible job putting together this team.  His smoke and mirrors approach finally caught up to him as all his band aids have fallen off. Do we even want to go into the Mark Sanchez contract extension guaranteeing over $8 million next year? Time for Tannenbaum and Rex to go somewhere else for a snack as  your joy ride in New York is over.

Wake up Woody-  Lost in the circus that is the New York Jets is the fact that owner Woody Johnson plays a large part in the debacle as well.  It is no secret that Woody loves his team taking over the headlines but that means nothing in terms of victories.  It is time for Woody Johnson to realize that names are not what wins football games.  It is talent and chemistry.  Mr. Johnson needs to remove himself from the football operations and hand the keys over to a Bill Polian or a Ron Wolf.  True football guys need to run this organization, not an attention seeking owner and a cap guy impersonating a talent evaluator.  And how about hiring a coach that actually has some experience? Enough with the unproven coordinators.  Open your wallet Woody and then get out of the way.

Rebuilding since 1969-  At this point I truly believe that the Jets need to tear everything down and start over.  From top to bottom the Jets need to clean house and change the identity and direction of this franchise.  It has been a fun run with Rex and the boys, but the league is passing by the New York Jets.

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