Why are the Jets giving Rex Ryan a second chance?

On Tuesday the New York Jets held their highly anticipated end of the season press conference.   Normally these pressers provide both the media and fans with a few answers for the team’s shortcomings and an outlook on the future.  Well as we all know by now the Jets organization is anything but normal and this press conference was another example of that.

During the press conference New York Jets owner Woody Johnson proclaimed his support for head coach Rex Ryan.  Woody gushed about Rex offering the following quotes:

“…as a leader, his specific skill on defense and how he is able to do that. Also, on offense and special teams because he has had to fight against those, so he’s learned a lot and he has great instinct.”

“He knows where he wants to improve and he’s committed to do that and I trust him because I’ve seen him lead this team. I think he took us two years to a very high level. It was just a question whether we made it all the way in those years. And the ball has to bounce your way a few times too. But I have ultimate confidence in Rex as a head coach, as a leader, as a motivator, as a play caller, if he has to do it. He’s capable of doing all these things, so no.”

With all due respect Mr. Johnson you mentioned the two good years that Rex had, what about the two seasons that followed? What about the meltdown in Miami two years ago when Rex admitted that he did not have the pulse of the locker room? What about this season where Rex completely mismanaged the quarterback situation? Do these two seasons not go on Ryan’s resume?

Woody Johnson then went on to say that Rex will be involved in the hiring of the new general manager.  “I believe in Rex. In head coaches, I’m part of that search and (believe) the relationship with the head coach and the owner is critical. The relationship with the head coach and the GM is also critical and that’s why Rex is part of this and he’ll get to know the general manager.”

So let me get this straight Woody.  The Jets led by general manager Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan have gone backwards the last two years.  The team is void of game breaking talent and has absolutely no identity on the field.  You fire Tannenbaum, but then let Rex, one of the culprits of the team’s issues, assist in hiring the next general manager.  What exactly has Rex accomplished to be given a chance to rebuild this Jets team?

A strong argument can be made that Rex Ryan won with Eric Mangini’s players.  Rex took a win now team and won with it.  As Ryan started to put his blueprint on the organization the team started to head in the wrong direction.  Yes, Rex is a defensive genius but the head coach is also responsible for offense and special teams.   Offensively the Jets are one of the worst teams in the NFL.

While we are discussing offense I think that it is laughable that Rex Ryan is being allowed to hire a new offensive coordinator.  Ryan’s selection of Tony Sparano, a man that he stated shared all of his football beliefs, was a mistake of epic proportions.  The Jets offense failed in so many areas from game planning, to blocking, to route running, to the miserable performance at the quarterback position.  Rex’s belief of ground and pound just does not work in the new pass friendly approach of the NFL.  Ryan even admitted that himself:

“I think before, maybe I misjudged the thing about I just want to ground-and-pound, that type of mentality. Maybe I bought into that more than maybe I should have. Maybe I needed to be more open-minded and look at things a little bit differently..”

I am so glad that you finally realized that NFL has become a passing league Rex.  Honestly it amazes me that Rex Ryan is able to admit to all his shortcomings and retain his position as the head coach of the New York Jets.

Woody Johnson is giving Rex a new lease on life and a chance to rebuild the New York Jets.  Ryan will have a new general manager along with three new coordinators.  In my eyes there is already a built in excuse for 2013 as the team will be undergoing substantial changes in terms of team philosophy and personnel.

If an organization is going through all of these changes why not start fresh with a new coach as well? Why force a general manager to inherit a head coach?  Rex had his shot and he failed.  Normally in the NFL that is grounds for a head coach to lose his job.  Once again we have learned that the Jets franchise is anything but normal.


1) It appears that Dennis Thurman will be replacing Mike Pettine as the defensive coordinator.  Pettine is reportedly interviewing in Buffalo for the coordinator position.

2) Ben Kowitca has been named the new special teams coach as Mike Westhoff has retired.









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