NY Jets owner running out of scapegoats

It has become increasingly obvious that the New York Jets as an organization have decided to use finger pointing as their primary reaction during  damage control.  When in doubt, blame it on someone else, preferably on a person that is no longer with the team.  The latest example of dysfunction 101 was this weekend’s report where owner Woody Johnson disassociated himself from the acquisition of Tim Tebow.  Johnson’s “story” is that the trade for Tebow was forced on him by the Jets front office and that he grew to embrace the idea over time.  Clearly Woody Johnson believes that we are idiots or walk around with green colored glasses.

From the outset the trade for Tim Tebow made no sense as it was an unnecessary distraction for a team that was trying to get back on track.  Football minds all across the country questioned the move, with many believing that the trade was made primarily to grab headlines and sell jerseys.  To blame the Tebow move on the recently fired general manager is laughable.  The same way you laugh when you hear Rex Ryan try to explain once again why his offense was one of the worst in the NFL.

You can make a very good argument that the New York Jets organizational problems start at the top with Woody Johnson.  I honestly believe that Mr. Johnson has too much say when it comes to personnel decisions and that has a trickle down effect throughout the organization. Acquiring big name players puts the organization in the headlines, but talent and leadership puts the team in the Super Bowl.

At this point the New York Jets lack leadership, direction, and accountability.  Two year’s ago the scapegoat was Brian Schottenheimer.  This year it is Mike Tannenbaum.  Next year it will clearly be Rex Ryan.  It is beyond obvious that Woody Johnson is running out of people to blame.  Maybe it is time to look in the mirror Mr. Johnson.



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