Jets Revis destined for San Francisco?

As each day passes it seems increasingly evident that Darrelle Revis’ days as a New York Jet are numbered.  The Jets All-Pro defensive back is entering the last year of his contract and is seeking a new deal that would make him one of the highest paid defensive players in the NFL.  At this point Gang Green does not seem willing to meet Darrelle’s contract demands therefore the team has reportedly started to explore the trade market.

On Wednesday a potential trade partner for the Jets popped up as the San Francisco 49ers traded quarterback Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs.  The move gives the 49ers much needed cap space (saved over $8 million dollars) as well as a highly valued second round draft pick (#34 overall).  San Francisco now has 15 picks in the upcoming draft, which has to be music to the ears of the New York Jets.

So will the Jets be willing to pull the trigger on a deal?  Here are some things to keep in mind.

Gang Green has no leverage with Revis-  In the last contract negotiation the Jets gave up their right to franchise tag Darrelle Revis following the 2013 season.  If the team cannot get Darrelle re-signed he will become an unrestricted free agent.  I have a hard time believing that the New York Jets will let Revis walk without any type of compensation.

Revis will have to agree to an extension-  Before a team completes a trade with the Jets they are going to want a window of opportunity to negotiate a new deal with Revis.  If the team is unable to reach an agreement with Darrelle, there is no way that they are going to give up valuable resources for a one-year rental.  Darrelle Revis once again has leverage as he can dictate where he wants to be traded based on his acceptance of a new deal.
5 reasons why the NY Jets will trade Revis



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