Rex Ryan and the New York Jets have become a mess

Just three games ago the New York Jets were considered a young, promising team that played aggressive on both sides of the football.  Following Sunday’s 23-3 loss to the Miami Dolphins the Jets are now losers of three in row and appear to have more questions than answers throughout the organization.


Why did Geno start? Rex Ryan remained loyal to Geno Smith by starting the rookie quarterback on Sunday following a series of bad performances.  Smith rewarded Ryan with a dreadful 4/10 29 yards, 1 interception performance in the first half of the game. Geno looked lost on the field and was playing with very limited confidence.  Geno Smith was benched at halftime leaving many to wonder if the kid is going to bounce back this season.

Conservative play calling-  The Jets were facing a Dolphin defense that was ranked 26th against the run.  If there was a time to break out the fancy ground attack it would have been on Sunday.  The Jets went from a team that ran every type of wildcat formation known to man against the Ravens to a vanilla offense against Miami.  This offense has completely lost their identity and as a unit is regressing on a daily basis.

What happened to featuring players?  It is no secret that the Jets offense is completely out of sync.  But why not try to feature players in order to give the quarterback a safety valve and some rhythm? Slants, screens, three step drops, anything to jump start the offense.  At this point I do not think that Marty Mornhinweg is effectively using guys like Kellen Winslow, Jeff Cumberland, and David Nelson.

Offensive line struggles-  Once again the Jets offensive line struggled against a defense that was not scared of the team’s passing game.  The Dolphins were willing to sell out in order to get pressure on the quarterback.  The Jets offensive line had no answers for the pressure.  The result? Quarterbacks running for their lives.


Held the fort-  The New York Jets defense did their best to keep the team in the game while the offense was going backwards.  The unit held the Dolphins to 2 field goals in the first half while playing for almost the full thirty minutes.

Milliner struggles-  Rookie defensive back Dee Milliner struggled once again on Sunday as Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill targeted him early and often.  Rex Ryan continued to put the rookie on an island and Dolphin receivers were having a field day.  This could be a case where Rex Ryan’s loyalty to  a player could be hindering his development.  Darrin Walls should be playing ahead of Milliner.

Secondary issues-  The Jets have a built in excuse for defensive lapses as they were on the field for almost 40 minutes.  With that being said the secondary continues to struggle as each player takes turns getting burned.  There are no quick fixes to address the secondary issues and I am not exactly sure what safety Ed Reed is bringing to the table.

Where do the Jets go from here?

This is going to be a long week for the Jets as every aspect of the team is going to be scrutinized.  Who will be the starting quarterback on Sunday versus the Oakland Raiders? I personally think it should be Simms, but fear Rex will go back to Smith.

Why is David Garrard on the roster if the veteran quarterback was never a consideration to play?  Good luck explaining this one Rex especially if Garrard is healthy.

As a young team you want to see continued improvement as the season plays out.  The Jets have lost three in a row and have one of the worst offenses in the NFL.  Is Rex Ryan officially on the hot seat? Will the finger pointing begin in the locker room?

Team turmoil could quickly return to Florham Park.  Do the Jets have enough leaders within the organization to prevent another late season collapse?  Stay tuned Jets fans as these next four games will dictate a lot for the 2014 season.

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