Who has the final say on the future of Rex Ryan?

Heading into the 2013 season many believed that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was coaching for his job.  Ryan was coming off of back to back sub-par seasons and it appeared like it was playoffs or bust for the Jets head coach.  Rex was set to face a significant amount of challenges as his best player (Revis) was traded away, the team was starting a rookie quarterback, and there would be at least 7 new guys in the starting lineup.  To make matters more interesting the New York head coach would be working under a new general manager, John Idzik, as the organization fired Mike Tannenbaum.

After 15 games the New York Jets have been eliminated from post season contention and the team stands at 7-8.  There are rumors starting to circulate that the Jets are prepared to fire Rex Ryan at season’s end.  This speculation has the fan base in an uproar as many in Jets nation believe that Rex has done a tremendous job in 2013 considering all of the challenges that the fiery coach has faced.  There is a growing notion that the biggest problem with the Jets is an overall lack of talent not coaching issues.

So now the million dollar question for Gang Green is as follows:  Who has the final say on the status of head coach Rex Ryan?

Is it general manager John Idzik?  Or is it the Jets owner Woody Johnson?  The New York Jets cannot fire Rex just to make a change.  The organization fires Ryan if they truly believe that there is a much stronger candidate available.

There is a perception that Idzik wants to bring in one of “his own” guys to coach the team.  Just because the general manager knows a guy does that automatically make him a better fit for the Jets? Then there is a question regarding the amount of power Idzik truly has.  Rex Ryan is the face of the New York Jets franchise.  Is Woody Johnson ready for him to leave? And how much say does the owner have in these decisions?  Lets not forget that Johnson forced Idzik to inherit Rex when he took the general manager position.

As of now there only questions and not many answers when it comes to Rex Ryan and the Jets.  I will say this:  If the Jets proceed to fire Rex they better be prepared for immediate backlash from the fans and rip jobs from the New York media.  Rex Ryan has worked himself to almost into a sympathetic figure in New York.



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